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Music provides joy and technical challenge. Hours are spent daily playing and listening. The jazz genre provides so much freedom (within certain boundaries) yet demands dedicated thought and practice. Which is cool, because there is so much to learn. The island music scene has room for another band and DBJazz fits the bill. However, 'playing out' means playing at my highest capacity. I recognize my creative and technical growth and realize how much more space there is to grow into. 

Photography and the building of new images has been slow to reassert its pull.  With a show coming in August at Whidbey Art Gallery in Langely, however, I am feeling motivated to explore new forms of expression. Last summer's show in July was an assortment of work from the past 4-5 years. This year, I'm feeling the need for evolutionary work. The medium is the message, as McLuhan famously said, so I have begun investigating the limitations of porcelain as a photographic surface in a similar way to how I have used paper and encaustic. The journey is just beginning...again.



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Beginnings https://www.wodjenskicreative.com/blog/2012/3/beginnings Creating a web site sounds easy. For years, people have asked if I have my work online. Well...
Considering the amount of work I have accumulated over the years, I did want to build a web gallery, but I have been reluctant to immerse myself in the selection, organization, editing, naming, and pricing process. The task seemed too overwhelming.

As I worked on the Penn Cove Project over the past year, I knew there needed to be some way to share the images and videos. A web site now seemed more practical than a gallery show and had the additional benefit of displaying other projects. The decision was slightly agonizing, thinking of the hours of work it would involve. However, I knew it was necessary if I wanted to share my work. With the help of my good friend Kim Tinuviel, I embarked on a task I imagine being the proverbial 'work in progress'.

So, here it is. I'm satisfied with the theme, colors, look and feel of this virtual gallery. After dozens of hours, over three months, the next phase is in place, though never finished...Zenigachi                                                                              Reflection

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