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DON WODJENSKI - About the artist

A native of Washington State for my entire life, I strive to infuse my sense of Northwest cultural and naturalistic elements into my photographic images and forms. Having lived in Seattle, for nearly 30 years and on Whidbey Island in the Salish Sea for over 30 years, my work reflects both urban and natural considerations. My interests are highly varied. I believe in following my intuition, inspiration, and imagination, taking advantage of circumstances. Although unintended results may succeed in revealing or redirecting my creative pursuits, most work is intentional. I approach a project with purpose, although end results may remain to be seen. Travel within North America and Europe has allowed me to consider foreign environments and cultures. As an avid hiker and fly fisherman, wildlife and nature has been central to my interests. Being a jazz musician, I have listened to many great players over the years and in Black & White film, captured their performances. Essentially, my work may simply amount to data and material gathering; from which I am able to reflect, recreate and present for other’s consideration.

For many years I have worked three dimensionally, restructuring the photographic image into experiential forms. Photo collage, montage, image weaving, and light transmitting phenomenon have been methods I use to express content beyond a traditional single print presentation. Discovering/inventing my Relight framing method has transformed the way we can look at photography. Combining physical depth with a naturally illuminated image surface, a Relight creates a ‘floating’ affect to the image.

Wax Works are cast and carved vessel forms rendered from wax alloys. Created for a solo show in 2009, they provide me a true three-dimensional creative outlet. As with any crafted vessel, design considerations are vastly different than when working two dimensionally. The medium exemplifies my interest in design of light transmitting forms. Though sharing the vessel form with ceramicists, glass artists, basket weavers, etc., wax has a unique look, feel, and fragility that I find a gratifying process with which to work.

As a lifelong artist and master Arts Educator, I have developed philosophies pertaining to the study of ideas and practice of art and artists. Having crafted many lessons within the curriculum of photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture, in over 20 years of teaching at the high school and community college level, I will share some of my professional perspectives and practices through this site’s weblog. Topics will include aesthetics and meaning, compositional decision making, creative processes and presentation techniques. All visual examples (unless otherwise noted) are from my collection and will contain links for further consideration.

This collection of film and digital images, fine art and commercial work, spanning 40 years of professional interests, serves to catalog and exhibit the best of my efforts.