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Created 7-Jun-18
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Photo encaustics are archival ink jet prints laminated with liquid/hot beeswax. Often incorporated with Japanese washi and Indian hand made papers, pieces are designed to be free standing or hang from wall mounted pegs. Some pieces are translucent, two sided prints and intended for placement in natural light.

"P&P" indicated pieces were fabricated for a 2015 Guest Artist show, "Paper and Porcelain" at Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley, Washington.
Great Blue HeronHeronLong Point CrowMadrona-1P&P1P&P2P&P3P&P4P&P5P&P6P&P7P&P8P&P10P&P9P&P15P&P18P&P20P&P19P&P21P&P22