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Created 16-Mar-12
9 photos
Relight frames reflect ambient light to illuminate my original photographs. Materials used in the individual construction of the frames include laminations of handmade papers from India, Nepal and Japan.

Relight frame materials are entirely natural and will move slowly with changes in temperature and humidity. Occasionally, reforming will be necessary. Placing a Relight in a temperature controlled living environment will prolong its integrity.

Many images in the photo galleries can be used in the Relight frame. Look for images filled with natural, non-directional light.

For optimum appreciation, place the Relight where it will be backlit in natural light, e.g. on a windowsill, or beneath daylight balanced light, and view at approximately eye level.
Plum Blossom RelightRelight back detailPlumBlossom Pleated RelightFloral RelightRed Dragonfly RelightOccidental Park Falls RelightSunflowers RelightRed Dragonfly RelightRose Relight