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Created 16-Mar-12
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Waxworks are cast and carved vessel forms rendered from wax alloys. Created for a solo show in 2009, they provide me a true three-dimensional creative outlet. As with any crafted vessel, design considerations are vastly different than when working two dimensionally. The medium exemplifies my interest in design of light transmitting forms. Though sharing the vessel form with ceramicists, glass artists, basket weavers, etc., wax has a unique look, feel, and fragility that I find a gratifying process with which to work.
Waxwork Matched Green BowlsWaxwork Chocolate BowlWaxwork Bamboo Bowl with pearl beadsWaxwork detailStone EmbedStone Embed detailPorcupine Quill BowlPorcupine Quill Bowl detailLaminationLamination detailPink and Red WaxworksBamboo Twig BowlBamboo Twig Bowl detailFractal Edge BlueFractal Edge GreenRose SetRose detailGreen WaxworksGreen Trimmed WaxworksGreen Detailed Waxworks