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Created 12-Apr-20
12 photos
Combines are photo montages depicting places, stories, and ideas that reflect experiences and concepts which cannot be explained in a single photograph. Combining overlapped imagery creates real and suggested relationships between subject and meaning.
Creative ICanyon de ChellyJapanese gardenPC#1PC#2PC#3Santa FeSanDiegoTaos PuebloWLM 1WLM2Provence

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Bob wagner(non-registered)
These are unique pieces that continue to unfold with repeated viewing. The mind holds together multiple images that may change their relationships over time or they may have been incompletely observed and get parceled with other images to create memories.
Lots of tricks to the eyes, like breaking waves that are actually a mountain range. Shadow figures, indirect references, blurred margins or margins that share in some subconscious way with the photo add to the construction of memory.
Like memories that can change over time with maturation and aging effects, these combines provide clues to memory as they filter through the artist or the viewer.
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