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Created 30-Jul-15
25 photos
In this presentation of work when I was Featured Artist at the Whidbey Art Gallery, August 2015 in Langley Washington, you will see the introduction of porcelain as a medium of photographic presentation.
The clay process involves forming, finishing, firing, glazing and firing, application of image, and a third firing.
As with most of this work, images may be hung on wall, in a window, or sit on a window sill. When images are hung or sit in a window frame the light changes throughout the day, altering perception and appreciation.
'Snow Bird''Snow Bird' in sunlight'Snow Bird' in porcelain'Chinese Seed Packs''Chinese Seed Packs' in sunlight'Chinese Seed Packs' in porcelain'Oystercatchers''Oystercatchers' in sunlight'Tea Bowls''Tea Bowls' in sunlight'Black Turnstones''Black Turnstones' in sunlight'Great Blue Heron''Waterlines' in Porcelain'Stipa Gigantica' in Porcelain'Snow Apples''Snow Apples' in Porcelain'White House, Canyon de Chelly''White House, Canyon de Chelly' in Porcelain'Gecko'