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Created 25-Sep-20
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Form and Reveal
The 100 Bowl Project was begun in early May, 2020. The focus was to complete 100 individual and sets of bowls from a variety of wood species. During the project, considerations were made as to form, dimensions, wood combinations, decorative details, set similarity, and finishing materials.
In early November, the 100th bowl was completed.
AS the work continues, this gallery has become a growing show entitled, Form and Reveal.
Bowl turning is about design and form, and the revelation of material. I create a form and the wood reveals it's pattern. Wood species are known for their character. I mostly focus on locally grown wood sources. Oak, Maple, fruitwoods, Alder, Madrona, Holly, Pacific Yew, etc.

Please contact me for product information and pricing.
1 walnut 6"x2"2 walnut 6"x2" SOLD3 walnut 5"x2" SOLD4 walnut 8"x2"5 mahogany/maple 5"x2" SOLD6 set mahogany/maple 4"x2" SOLD7 spalted cherry 4"x2" SOLD8 spalted cherry w/lid9 spalted cherry w/lid10 walnut w/live edge 5"x2-1/2"11 walnut w/lid 4"x5" SOLD12 walnut vase w/live edge 3"x5"13 walnut 3"X4"14 walnut w/live edge 6"x2-1/2"15 walnut w/live edge16 birdseye maple and birch plywood 7"x5" SOLD17 spalted cherry 6"x2"18 cherry 8"x4" SOLD19 cherry 8"x4" SOLD20 white oak set 5"x2" ea